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When potential consumers see the message "This site may not be secure, " it will drive them away from your website. One of the simplest ways to prevent this message from appearing on your website is to add a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate.
The IT Company United Kingdom simplifies SSL certificate acquisition, management, and renewal while ensuring website security. To establish a single, multiple, SAN, or Wildcard SSL certificate for your domain name, we can produce CSR, set up SSL, and manage the whole approval procedure.

Streamlined Pricing for the Enhanced Security

Thanks to our user-friendly and flexible pricing structure, you can modify or cancel your plan at any moment. Receive professional services at an affordable cost!

Certificate Name
Great For
Issuance Time
RapidSSL Domain Name Personal Website Minutes USD $10K £14.22/yr Buy Now
RapidSSL Wildcard Wildcard Personal Website Minutes USD $10K £118.08/yr Buy Now
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Domain Name Small Business Minutes USD $500K £62.61/yr Buy Now
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard Wildcard Small Business Minutes USD $500K £221.10/yr Buy Now
GeoTrust True BusinessID Organization Business 1-3 Days USD $1.25 million £78.45/yr Buy Now
GeoTrust True Business ID with EV Extended Business & Ecommerce 1-5 Days USD $1.5 million £141.85/yr Buy Now
GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard Wildcard Business & Ecommerce 1-3 Days USD $1.25 million £347.89/yr Buy Now
Secure Site SSL Organization Business 1-3 Days USD $1.5 million £316.20/yr Buy Now
Secure Site Pro Organization Business + Ecommerce 1-3 Days USD $1.5 million £788.51/yr Buy Now
Secure Site EV SSL Extended Business + Ecommerce 1-5 Days USD $1.5 million £788.51/yr Buy Now
Secure Site Pro Extended Business + Ecommerce 1-5 Days USD $1.75 million £1,187.91/yr Buy Now

Note: * Any applicable taxes will be calculated at checkout.

SSL Security Features that Provide Maximum Protection

Organisations now need to add SSL certificates to their websites due to the high number of assaults. In addition to protecting your website, an SSL certificate from IT Company United Kingdom will help safeguard online transactions, protect client information, and foster visitor confidence.

Encrypt Sensitive Data
Encrypt Sensitive Data
Activate Lock Icon
Activate Lock Icon
Increase SEO Rank
Increase SEO Rank
256-Bit Encryption
256-Bit Encryption
Protect User Privacy
Protect User Privacy
Activate HTTPS
Activate HTTPS
Extended Validation
Extended Validation
Trust Site Seal
Trust Site Seal
Secure Online Transaction
Secure Online Transaction
 Proven Ligitimacy
Proven Ligitimacy
Priority Support
Priority Support
Free Reissues
Free Reissues

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How Does SSL Work?

Consider SSL Certificate as the unstoppable soldier of encryption who protect communication between you and your visitors.


Immediate Action

Your SSL Certificate immediately goes into action as someone enters your website's URL. Only you and your client can view the information transmitted since it encrypts the connection between their browser and your website.


Secure Confirmation

The encryption connection forms over a fascinatingly high speed. Afterwards, the browser will display "HTTPS://" and a verifying padlock icon.


Maintain a Secure Link

With a completely secured line of communication open between you and the users of your website, it's all set. No one else can pry or access your information. Your clients are secure.

SSL Certificates Features

Wildcard SSL Certificate

With Wildcard certificates secure multiple host names and subdomains.

You can Expand one certificate to as many servers as necessary.

Keep sensitive information secure across the Internet.

Wild Card
Free SSL certificate installation Assistance.

Simple to complex SSL certificate installation.

We remotely generate CSR and validate your server.

We offer support to almost every hardware, device or system.

Gain Your Client’s Trust

Maintaining industry standards.

Secure all host names on a given domain with affordable, flexible, and convenient SSL.

Show customers, business partners, and employees you care about their security by getting your SSL from a reputable security company.

Protect your business reputation by using a reliable and highly secure SSL certificate.

Safeguard Transactions and Consumer Data

Let customers know their private details are safe.

SSL certificates that apply to any number of servers.

“One size fit all” approach to your server-client verification.

Secure customer data and transactions.

Same security as our competitors for up to 90% less.

Secure Your Site with IT Company United Kingdom

SSL Certificate purchases are beneficial for websites since they increase user confidence. Our SSL Certificates services are all about clear advantages and statistics that are simple to understand.

Wide variety of SSLs

See the best SSL Domain Validation from all companies at unbeatable prices.

Fast support

SSL experts are available every day via email, live chat and phone.

Best Price

Our economical costs are unparalleled. Rest assured that you receive the highest quality for the most affordable price.

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Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

An SSL certificate independently verifies the security of a website. It authenticates the reliability of the Secure Socket Layer encryption used when a user connects to the website and links that encryption to the business or person who created and maintains the website. Any company that collects user information must have SSL certification and validation as part of its online security strategy.
No matter what degree of protection you use, your users will be able to see that your website is secure, which increases online brand confidence.

An improved version of SSL is Transport Layer Security (TLS). Businesses typically demand TLS since it is a little more secure, but it doesn't matter for most websites. Both the SSL and TLS protocols are compatible with our certificates.

The data sent between users and the web application is encrypted when transmitted over an HTTPS URL. The SSL certificate prevents the dissemination of information intercepted by a hostile person by encrypting its data. Due to the recognisable lock on browsers, the SSL certificate and its HTTPS address (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) support intuitive linking and assure users.

Every website owner requires an SSL since Google labels websites without encryption as "Not secure" and ranks them lower than those with protection. SSL certificates improve SEO, safeguard your clients, and reassure them that your platform is trustworthy.

In principle, no. However, to avoid any mixed content, we advise that you convert all of your website sources to HTTPS.